YADAH Cactus Korean Moisturizer: for Dry Skin Care Review

YADAH cactus moisturizer: korean for sensitive dry skin care review. I’m into vegan beauty these days, so I’m using this and that well. I was wondering what kind of vegan moisturizing cream there was. My favorite travel YouTuber.
Thanks to you, I got to know this brand!​

YADAH is a place that makes good vegetable cosmetics, so it’s full of cactus toner pads, soothing gel, and moisturizing cream!

I’m going to introduce YADAH Cactus Cream that I’m using for the 3rd time.

Cactus is said to have five times more moisture and nutrients than aloe!
Moisturizing cream made with that cactus is really good for your skin.

Vegan Product

It already looks green. The YADAH package products are cactus base.
There are a lot of products that I made!​

I’m already using the Cactus Toner Pad and Cactus Soothing Gel at home.
These are the products I’m responsible for. Then let’s get to know more about the product in detail!​​

If you take it out of the box, you can put it in one hand! It consists of 50ml! It’s a vegan moisturizing cream that contains 70% of cactus extract.

As expected, I think it’s a product that fits well with the green background because it’s made with only mild products.

Most of all, it’s made of vegetable that I really like, so there’s something I like more.​ I think YADAH plays a part in the vegan products that account for a large portion of my dressing table!​​

Since it’s in-between seasons these days, there’s a big difference in temperature between day and night! The more I do that, the drier my skin gets. So at times like this, you need to focus more on your moisture care and take care of it!

YADAH Cactus Moisturizer: Korean for Sensitive Dry Skin Care review

YADAH Cactus Moisturizer: Korean for Sensitive Dry Skin Care

Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin

If my dry skin doesn’t want to get chapped or cracked, I have to absorb it like a moisture bomb to keep it soft and moist.​

That’s why I’m using mist from other companies, soothing gel from YADAH cactus, and moisturizing cream among the same vegan products.(I don’t like to put on a lot of things in the morning)

If you open the lid, there’s a thin protective cap. I’ll take some out from the top.
I put it on my hand.​

Oh? It’s really moisturizing because it’s a moisturizing cream, and most importantly, it doesn’t stick and I really like the application.​​​

The Texture

The texture doesn’t get too thick and it rolls smoothly. The coolness and moisture absorption are very good.​

Since it’s autumn and my skin gets dry and chapped, I need to pay more attention to basic care.
Even if you live outside all day, your skin can withstand it.

I really like the fact that there’s a protective cap inside the lid of the YADAH cactus moisturizing cream, so it’s cleaner and cleaner. YADAH Cactus Cream is cool and absorbs quickly, so it’s moist and has a smooth skin.

YADAH Cactus Moisturizer: Korean for Sensitive Dry Skin Care review


I think it’s really nice that you can’t live without mist and moisturizing cream. And out of the YADAH products that I use, I’m using cleansing balm very well! If you wash your face with that, apply cactus toner pad, soothing gel, and moisturizing cream, it’s very clean, right?

If you’re nomadic, I recommend YADAH products.

Of course, I bought all the YADAH products with my own money, and it’s a review that I use and like, so it can be different for each person.

This: YADAH Cactus Moisturizer: Korean for Dry Skin Care Review

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