SNP Korean Face Sheet Mask: Cheap and Worth! 10 for $14.95

SNP Korean Face Sheet Mask: Cheap and Worth! 10 for $14.95. If you look at the back of the mask pack box, it shows how to use it and the characteristics of the mask pack. A mask pack that fills in moisture and calms your skin!

I liked it more because it’s a skin rest mask. My skin has been really sensitive these days, but it’s so perfect for me to calm it down.


When I opened and checked the mask pack, there was a way to open and close the mask pack box like this, and you can peel off the top like this.

There are a total of 10 mask packs inside!

SNP Korean Face Sheet Mask: Cheap and Worth! 10 for $14.95


Jeju Rest Green Tea Korean Face Sheet Mask is made from green tea extract made from fresh green tea leaves harvested in Jeju.

And it turns out that the mask pack is made of air pocket fabric, so it sticks well and moisturizes and lasts longer after using the mask.

If you don’t like Green tea? Then There are Cactus, Canola, Marine Water, Volcanic Ash Editions as well! (You can see those on the link above)

AIR POCKET FABRIC: They have patented air pocket fabric is designed to hold more essence to effectively deliver strong components without drying out. This design also provides gorgeous delivery unmatched by other brands.

JEJU REST MASK: All masks from the Jeju Rest korean mask beauty products are comprised of fresh ingredients derived from the nutrient-rich Jeju Island in South Korea. This island is known for having the purest and most beneficial ingredients on the planet.

GREAT GIFT: This korean beauty product is the perfect gift for your family, girlfriend, or a beloved one that takes beauty and personal care. SNP products are unrivaled by competition and are the exceptional products for your friends and family.

Tried, then?

So I tried it right away. The size of the mask pack is big, so I think everyone can use it well without having a big face. I put it on and lie down and play some games. I took it off after 15 minutes!

It’s really moist and there are a lot of essence on my face, so I put it on my neck and arms. It’s so good that it’s moist when I really like it.

When I woke up the next day, my skin wasn’t dry and I was so happy. Usually, when I wake up with a face mask, it’s a bit oily, but there’s nothing like that. I really liked it because it absorbed everything, but there was nothing sticky.

This: SNP korean face sheet mask: cheap and worth! 10 for $14.95

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