Kim Kardashian torched for 2-hour Harvard speech: ‘This is hilarious’

What, like, it’s hard?

Kim Kardashian swept into Harvard Business School on Friday as a guest lecturer to speak on the success of her multi-billion-dollar SKIMS shapewear business — but the internet wasn’t thrilled about it.

A camera crew followed her as the reality star and SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede arrived to talk to Boston students enrolled in the Moving Beyond Direct to Consumer course, her representative confirmed to The Post.

Although NBC10 Boston reported that some attendees of the seminar gave Kardashian an “A” for her nearly two-hour speech about SKIMS, which was valued at $3.2 billion just a year ago, Twitter trolls slammed the lawyer in training — and Harvard itself — for inviting the “talentless” businesswoman in the first place.

“This is hilarious. @KimKardashian can’t spell @Harvard,” one critic wrote of the celebrity and her appearance, which lasted for about an hour and 45 minutes.

NBCBoston Captures Kim Kardashian at Harvard Business SchoolKim Kardashian, 42, spoke to students at Harvard Business School in Boston on Friday.NBCBoston

Kim Kardashian was born into wealth,” another declared. “Attempted to use a sex tape to launch an acting or singing career; neither launched. Kim K was wealthy enough to make a scripted reality TV show work because she & her family are shameless. Harvard is just as tacky as the Kardashians now.”

“The words ‘Kardashian’ and ‘Harvard’ should never appear in the same sentence…..ever,” another stated, while one commenter added, “I’d hate to pay that Harvard tuition $$$$ to only get her as a speaker. Do Better, Harvard.”

“Lim k on speaking at harvard: ‘oh my god, you guys, like i am actually going to speak at harvard, like oh my god, this is such a biggg dealll. (in that whiny voice),’” another made fun of the reality star’s social media persona.

Many users questioned what kind of advice Kardashian gave, as she does not have a college degree herself.

“Schooled them on what? Using the word Literally after every sentence,” one joked.

“And gives advice on what? How to ride the coattails of famous parents?” another chimed in on the kin of Robert Kardashian and ever-present “momager” Kris Jenner.

“How to sell your soul 101,” another suggested.

“Get your ass up and work that 9-5,” added another, referencing her infamous, much-ridiculed advice to working women last year.

Kim Kardashian at Harvard UniversityHarvard University invited Kardashian and SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede to be guest lecturers.Getty Images/iStockphoto

A student named Liz, however, told NBC10 Boston that she learned a lot from Kardashian.

“I think a lot of people don’t respect her as someone who is co-running a multi-billion-dollar company,” she told the outlet.

“Just to learn from someone who has built such a successful business was really exciting and I think having the privacy of no cameras in the room, being able to have that candid conversation was special too,” Liz added.

The Post has contacted reps for Harvard and the professors for comment.

While Kardashian did not visit Harvard Law School — despite her actively studying to become a lawyer — she did recreate Reese Witherspoon’s “Legally Blonde” Harvard admissions video for Halloween in 2019.

She also accompanied her then-fiancé Kanye West when he spoke at Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2013.

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