Free 7-Day Keto Meal Plan For Beginners

Use this easy 7-day keto meal plan to save time and enjoy delicious food. This free keto meal plan is perfect for beginners and includes a grocery list option.

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If you’re new to keto, getting back into low carb living, or just wondering what to eat on a low carb diet, this simple keto diet meal plan is the best place to start! This free 7-day keto meal plan covers a week of delicious meals, with clean ingredients. Plus, it comes with options to customize, and you can even generate the shopping list using the Wholesome Yum keto app!

Why Use A Keto Meal Plan?

So many people struggle with keto because they don’t have time to cook, can’t remember which foods are keto, deal with picky eaters, make last-minute dinner choices, or get expensive takeout when cooking feels too time-consuming at the end of the day.

A keto diet meal plan solves all these problems.

How? An easy keto meal plan lets you decide ahead of time what you’ll eat for the week and prep components of meals (or entire meals!) on your schedule — which cuts down on decision fatigue, stress, food waste, and pricy last-minute meals.

And, you can make food that tastes delicious, that the whole family enjoys… keto or not!

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What Makes The Best Keto Meal Plan?

The best easy keto meal plan has a few special qualities:

  • Incorporates delicious, family-friendly recipes
  • Uses easy-to-find, clean keto ingredients
  • Makes space in the schedule for leftovers, so you waste less food
  • Utilizes light meal prep for lunch a few times – but not for every meal
  • Flexible to lifestyle and schedule changes
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Helps count macros more easily

Good news: The free keto meal plan below is one of the best easy keto meal plan options you can use to get started – it checks all the boxes above! It will help you stay on track without taking too much time from your busy schedule.

This free keto meal plan has 7 days of delicious, easy meals for the whole family -- keto or not! Plus printable options (including grocery list)!

7-Day Clean Keto Meal Plan

Use this 7-day keto meal plan to get all the benefits of low carb living — without the time and stress of deciding what to eat at the last minute.

Low Carb Meal Plan Notes:

  • If you don’t like something in the plan below, browse the keto breakfast, keto lunch, or keto dinner recipe archives to swap out whatever you want.
  • This is a keto diet meal plan, but it can work for low carb, too! If you have more room for carbs, feel free to add some low carb fruit and snacks to round out your plan.
  • Many people approach keto breakfast and snacks differently (if they even eat them at all!), so this simple keto meal plan offers a breakfast recipe suggestion that’s easy to swap, plus room in the macros to add optional keto snacks to each day.
  • Macro counts assume the standard serving size listed for each recipe.
  • Scroll down below the plan for instructions on how to get the grocery list for this free keto meal plan!

free keto meal plan day 1

Day 1:

free keto meal plan day 2

Day 2:

free keto meal plan day 3

Day 3:

free keto meal plan day 4

Day 4:

free keto meal plan day 5

Day 5:

  • free keto meal plan day 6

Day 6:

free keto meal plan day 7

Day 7:

Get The Grocery List + Customize Your Weekly Keto Meal Plan

Want the full grocery list for the sample meal plan – and the ability to customize it? Get the Wholesome Yum app!

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The Wholesome Yum app delivers all the amazing benefits of keto meal planning, and cuts the process down to minutes every week. Say goodbye to picky eaters, cooking separate keto meals, or turning to takeout! You’ll be able to:

  • Customize every meal in your meal plan (from a huge library of easy keto recipes)
  • Tally your macros in real time automatically
  • Generate your grocery list (for your custom plan!) in just a tap
  • Adjust meals for yourself or your whole family
  • Download a PDF and print easily
  • And more…

…All from your smartphone phone, tablet, or desktop computer. It’ll keep you keto wherever you are, and syncs across all your devices.

Best of all… every recipe is keto, family-friendly, and delicious. And you can try it free for 7 days! See for yourself here:

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