Best Korean skin care product Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Masks

Best Korean skin care product

For those who have rough skin, skin like Jeju basalt, and concerns,

I think it’s the most suitable product.

Best Korean skin care product

In the past, the director recommended the volcanic mushroom mask, and I said everything if I sold 10 million famous items.

I can’t believe the product has been renewed and returned!

As I try this and that products, it must be renewed, so it’s definitely good. It wasn’t.

However, compared to the previous one, this volcanic mask

I think the upgraded version stood out.

It was a product.


For two weeks, excessive sebum, dead skin cells,

I experienced smooth skin.

Immediate effect, improved skin texture, and fair skin were maintained.


But Innisfree… The more I use it, the more I will fall in love.

It feels like it goes well with my skin.

Since middle school, I’ve been obsessed with Innisfree basics.

Did your skin recognize you as an adult?

Now, I’ll start a thorough review for Best Korean skin care product!

​Design Analysis

A color that goes really well with volcanic cones 🐰

How did Innisfree get inspired by a volcano? I always learn.

It came out as a tube now! It might be because of that.

It’s easier to use, and the design is slim, so it doesn’t take up space to put in the bathroom.

It’s about the size of toothpaste, so it’s perfect to put anywhere.☑️

​It’s a tube type, so you can apply it easily if you press it comfortably.

I prefer tube types to pod types.

Hygienic and convenient.

I prefer Tube > Pot.

The package box details the effects and ingredients.


Formulation and fragrance

Back of the hand test.

I was surprised when I used it because I thought the texture would be rough.

It was very soft like whipped cream.

Madecasoside, which is good for calming moisture, and fresh cream with carbonated hot spring water.

It’s hypoallergenic clay, so it spreads out.🤍

​I tested it on the back of my hand.

It’s very sticky like a creamy texture.

​It’s tight. I think this is the right word. Haha

​It doesn’t smell at all. It doesn’t smell at all.

​After applying it evenly on the back of my hand, I waited a little bit!

It has a cooling effect, so the back of my hand is refreshing, so I liked it. lol

Next! After some time, I washed it with lukewarm water and it became very soft.

You can see my skin!

How to use it

After washing your face, gently apply it all over your dry face.

After 3 to 5 minutes, wash gently with lukewarm water.

It’s a hypoallergenic peeling clay that can be used daily.

☑️What to watch out for here

When I first received it and used it without thinking,

I think it’ll be similar to other packs, so I put it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off.

I put on retinol ampoule for the first time at night and my face turned red the next day. LOL.

So when you use it for the first time, it’s important to use it well according to your skin.

The next day he calmed down and returned to his original skin.

He was washing it after 3 to 5 minutes.

I’m looking at the effects.🥚🤍

Recommended skin

Moisture and dryness: Skin texture and dryness.

Complexity: Excessive sebum, blackheads, dead skin cells T-zone 3 combo

Acne: Rough skin texture, acne, sensitivity

(From the details of Innisfree’s official website!)

​I have oily skin, sebum, blackheads, pores, and acne prone skin, so this clay mask

They fit really well!


Component Analysis for this Best Korean skin care product

Butylene glycol, glycerin, propanediol to help hydrate

Moisturizing ingredients, gluconoractone, and lactic acid that helps with exfoliating.

Kaolin, silica, and volcanic ash that help absorb excess sebum

It’s transparent. You can use it without any additional 7 on your skin.

Also, you know the famous ingredients of “Baha,” “Paha,” and “Aha.

If you’re a cosmetic fan or if you’re interested in ingredients, you’ll know.😉

It is often used as a pack as a representative peeling ingredient. There are a lot of people who exfoliate in the summer.

Peeling care is a must in the summer!

Best Korean skin care product

I’ve tried it myself!

First of all, this product came out really well for my skin type.

First, I put this cream-like sticky mask on top of my skin. Haha

It applies really thin and cool because it has a cooling effect.

It’s easy to apply without being stiff!

Even if you apply it with your hands…🤍

When you’re done, you can see that the amount on your hands is very thin and evenly applied.

It’s that mild, so you can use it every day!

I don’t have strong skin, so for conditions that I don’t know,

I use it every two to three days!


🕖 After 3–5 minutes 🕐


You can see that it melts and absorbs the sebum as it hardens.

It doesn’t dry your skin as if it’s going to rip off.

It felt soft and firm.


After cleansing

It felt like it was washed very tightly!!! Best Korean skin care product

Personally, my favorite pack recently was the BBC With product from R.S.

It was the effect of that feeling!

Innisfree is much more reasonable in terms of price, so I’m going to transfer 🚘🚔

The sides of the nose felt like it melted and absorbed the sebum.

So whenever I wash up, I always touch it like that. I like the soft and sticky feeling.

Completely uncalibrated No correction has been made with photos.

It’s good to use lightly in the summer because it feels like it’s getting rid of all the dead skin cells and waste in the pores.

I really liked this item.

General review

Daily peeling care is possible for 1 pack a day even if you are lazy.

It’s effective for sebum, exfoliation, and pore care.

an overall review

It’s not a pod type, but the design itself is light like applying cream on a daily basis.

I think it’ll be possible for people who are lazy because it makes it seem like they’ll use it often.

For those who have concerns about sebum, whiteheads, and exfoliation,

If you use it with cleansing oil that has similar ingredients and formulations, you will be able to relieve your skin troubles to maximize it.

It doesn’t get rid of it by force, but by melting it naturally and absorbing it,

It’s easy to use on your skin, so even people with sensitive skin can use it without worrying.

This summer’s skin troubles. Volcanic mushrooms. Make your skin soft with a clay mask.✨

Writer Choi Joung

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