Best Korean Skin Care Brands, Products: Mediheal Review

Best Korean Skin Care Brands, Products for Sensitive: Mediheal Review

Best korean skin care brands, products for sensitive skin, Mediheal review. We are going to talking about MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Ampoule, which made by Best Korean skin care brand Mediheal. This product ranked first in the essence (ample) category among the best new products at the 2020 Korea Hwahwa Beauty Awards. It was also introduced in fashion/beauty magazines Allure, Marie Claire, Singles, and Beauty+.

It was an ampoule that received 90% or more satisfaction in terms of absorption, oil care, and calming effects from 200 reviewers. It was a reliable product even before using it.

Korean Beauty Brand Mediheal

Mediheal, the best Korean skin care brand products were said to have paid attention not only to the product ingredients but also to contain the product in order to keep the principle of Clean Derma from ingredient selection to manufacturing method.

It is an eco-friendly package using soybean oil ink and renewable paper.


Best korean skin care brands, products for sensitive skin: Mediheal review.

It is said that 87% of. Korean tea tree leaf water was used as it is to bring out the ideal skin calming ability. In addition, it is a functional product that strengthens the balance of skin that easily collapses due to the harmony of microbiome. So it can withstand external stimuli and maintain fast stability and healthy skin.

Some shortcomings are mentioned in the tea tree oil, including the strong scent, but it is designed to take care of oiliness and make your skin comfortable and fresh by extracting only 4-terpineol, a key ingredient.

In addition to tea tree leaf water, Centella Asiatica quantitative extract extracted from Asiaticoside,. Asiatic Aside, and Madeka-style Asiatica, which are the active ingredients of the bottle grass, is contained in a liposome capsule.
Tea tree, which is famous for its soothing ingredients, and bottle grass, I could feel that this was a calming ampoule.

Liposomal cica capsules are wrapped in a skin-friendly outer membrane, so the highly concentrated soothing ingredients can deliver it to the skin as far as it wants. I think it’s designed with liposome cica capsules to reach the weakened skin layer from external irritation.

As soon as I saw the ampoule, I remembered the line from the drama “Crash Landing on You,” “I ground the whole field.”

It’s a green ampoule. If you look at the product itself, the color looks dark, but if you apply it on top of the skin, it gives off a green color.

Texture and Feeling

Best korean skin care brands, products for sensitive: Mediheal.

When I think of green, I think of nature such as forests and grass. When I think about it, I think of pollution-free, vitality, sedation, and comfort. The image of this ampoule also came to me like that.

It is said that it is made to have a moist feeling without oiliness with a total of 8 patented ingredients, 2 kinds of genuine patent ingredients, 1 kind of skin convergence care patent ingredients. 5 kinds of moisturizing patent ingredients.

Highly concentrated ampoules usually have oiliness, but “MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Ampoule” is an ampoule that was not oily at all and was full of moisture.
Because of that, rather than spinning, it absorbs quickly and fills the inside.

If you spread it on your skin after applying the ampoule, you can feel a slight cooling sensation and see a moist glow.

As mentioned in the product name, it has cica ingredients. Best Korean skin care products for sensitive skin “MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Ampoule” uses a slightly acidic Cica Ampoule, so when applied to the face,

There was no irritation at all.

In the past, Cica was popular as a moisturizing item, so I used it. But it felt a bit heavy or stuffy for me, so I don’t use it much except in the evening.

But these days, I think there are many products that come out fresh even with cica ingredients. Mediheal Biome Blemish Cica Ample is one of them.

With quick absorption and a refreshing finish, it was good to go straight to the cream level. It absorbs well, so it’s a good skin care product to use before makeup.

After applying sticky products or products that lingers on the outside of the skin for a long time,. I tend to look for products that are light and moisturizing in the morning,. Best Korean skin care products for sensitive skin “Mediheal Biome Blemish Cica Ample” was that product.


For those who have sensitive skin, I know that your skin has been damaged a lot after wearing a mask. There are people who are worried about skin trouble and itchiness.
Sensitive skin! Try daily care with Mediheal Biome Blemish Cica Ample 🙂

This: Best korean skin care brands, products for sensitive skin: Mediheal review.

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