Noun 1. beginning - the event consisting of the start of somethingstarting – the occasion consisting of the beginning of one thing; “the start of the struggle”egress, emergence, problem – the turning into seen; “not a day’s distinction between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins”floor flooring – turning into a part of a enterprise at the start (thought to be place of benefit); “he obtained in on the bottom flooring”emergence, outgrowth, progress – the gradual starting or coming forth; “collectible figurines presage the emergence of sculpture in Greece”begin – the start of something; “it was off to a great begin”conception, creation – the occasion that occurred at the start of one thing; “from its creation the plan was doomed to failure”conclusion, ending, end – occasion whose incidence ends one thing; “his demise marked the ending of an period”; “when these closing episodes are broadcast it will likely be the end of the present” 2. starting – the time at which one thing is meant to start; “they obtained an early begin”; “she knew from the get-go that he was the person for her”start – the time when one thing begins (particularly life); “they divorced after the start of the kid”; “his election signaled the start of a brand new age”incipience, incipiency – starting to exist or to be obvious; “he positioned the incipience of democratic religion at round 1850”; “it’s designed to arrest monopolies of their incipiency”threshold – the start line for a brand new state or expertise; “on the edge of manhood”finish, ending – the cut-off date at which one thing ends; “the top of the yr”; “the ending of guarantee interval”center – time between the start and the top of a temporal interval; “the center of the struggle”; “rain in the course of the center of April” 3. starting – the primary half or part of one thing; “`It was a darkish and stormy night time’ is a hackneyed starting for a narrative”division, part, half – one of many parts into which one thing is thought to be divided and which collectively represent a complete; “the written a part of the examination”; “the finance part of the corporate”; “the BBC’s engineering division”finish – a closing half or part; “we have now given it on the finish of the part because it entails the calculus”; “Begin at the start and go on till you come to the top”center – an intermediate half or part; “A complete is that which has starting, center, and finish”- Aristotle 4. beginning - the place where something begins, where it springs into beingstarting – the place the place one thing begins, the place it springs into being; “the Italian starting of the Renaissance”; “Jupiter was the origin of the radiation”; “Pittsburgh is the supply of the Ohio River”; “communism’s Russian root”derivation – the supply or origin from which one thing derives (i.e. comes or points); “he prefers footwear of Italian derivation”; “music of Turkish derivation”spring – some extent at which water points forthheadspring, fountainhead, head – the supply of water from which a stream arises; “they tracked him again towards the top of the stream”headwater – the supply of a river; “the headwaters of the Nile”jumping-off place, level of departure – a spot from which an enterprise or expedition is launched; “in the future after I was at an appropriate jumping-off place I made a decision to see if I may discover him”; “my level of departure was San Francisco”residence – place the place one thing started and flourished; “the USA is the house of basketball”level supply – a concentrated supply (particularly of radiation or air pollution) that’s spatially constrictedpoint – the exact location of one thing; a spatially restricted location; “she walked to a degree the place she may survey the entire road” 5. starting – the act of beginning one thing; “he was liable for the start of negotiations”change of state – the act of fixing one thing into one thing completely different in important characteristicsjumping-off level, level of departure, springboard – a starting from which an enterprise is launched; “he makes use of different individuals’s concepts as a springboard for his personal”; “actuality supplies the jumping-off level for his illusions”; “the purpose of departure of worldwide comparability can’t be an establishment however have to be the operate it carries out”activation – making lively and efficient (as a bomb)face-off – (ice hockey) the tactic of beginning play; a referee drops the puck between two opposing playersicebreaker – a starting that relaxes a tense or formal ambiance; “he advised jokes as an icebreaker”inauguration, startup – the act of beginning a brand new operation or follow; “he opposed the inauguration of fluoridation”; “the startup of the brand new manufacturing facility was delayed by strikes”leap ball – (basketball) the best way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed; an official tosses the ball up between two gamers who leap in an effort to faucet it to a teammatekickoff – (soccer) a kick from the middle of the sector to begin a soccer recreation or to renew it after a scorescrum, scrummage – (rugby) the tactic of starting play wherein the forwards of every workforce crouch facet by facet with locked arms; play begins when the ball is thrown in between them and the 2 sides compete for possessionstartup – the act of setting in operation; “repeated shutdowns and startups are costly” Adj. 1. beginning - serving to beginstarting – serving to start; “the start canto of the poem”; “the primary verse”opening – first or starting; “the memorable opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth”; “the play’s opening scene”

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